Forwarding Services from KM Group of Companies

Forwarding services are a range of services provided by KM Group of Companies, which enables our clients to transfer to us all the responsibilities for the transportation and tracking of goods by land, sea and air. Cooperating with us, the client receives the highest-class service, individual approach and the solution of his tasks as soon as possible.

Road transportation

Transport logistics by road is the best choice for those companies that need to transport cargo within one continent. Modern trucks of KM Group of Companies make it possible to speed up the delivery process as much as possible and reduce all possible costs.

Rail transportation

Transportation by rail will be useful for companies that have the task of transporting a large volume of cargo over long distances. We can provide reliable transportation, fast passage of customs control and will do everything to eliminate the costs of transport delays.

Sea transportation

Especially relevant service for companies that need to transport goods from one continent to another, or simply deliver a large batch of goods in containers. Our forwarder will monitor the shipment of your cargo and notify you of its status prior to arrival at the place of destination.

Air transportation

The fastest delivery method that will be especially useful for stores or other retail chains, for which it is important to maintain the availability of goods in stock, in time to deliver it from other countries by plane.

Forwarding service is a full range of services that helps the client’s business in the shipment of cargo, its delivery and tracking. Transfer all duties to the specialists of KM Group of Companies.