Warehouse Services in Ukraine

KM Group of Companies offers customers the complex of warehouse services. With this, you can simplify your business by transferring responsibilities for the cargo storage and transportation to our specialists.

Responsible storage

The warehouse of responsible storage enables customers to place their cargo or other goods, transferring all the material responsibility to KM Group of Companies. We will provide care for your cargo and choose the specialists team that will serve it throughout the entire storage period.

Warehousing logistics

We offer a full range of warehousing logistics, which includes loading and unloading operations, cargo sorting and formation, palletizing, packaging in shrink film, goods labelling, as well as the formation of promotional packaging.

Plant protection products storage

KM Group of Companies can provide reliable storage of plant protection products in special conditions. Our warehouse complex is designed for the placement of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and other plant protection products.

Cargo placement of cargo on open-type areas

This service will be useful for companies tasked with transporting and storing bulky cargo. KM Group of Companies will gladly provide such an opportunity.

In order to use this or that service, as well as learn more about them, contact our manager right now and he will answer all your questions.