Creating a high-quality logistics service for our clients, we have united a number of powerful specialized companies that provide customs clearance, warehousing and transportation logistics services at the regional, national and international levels. Our culture is the consciousness and responsibility of our employees. Our service is secure goods storage in modern warehouse complexes with a temperature regime, reliable and high-quality warehouse logistics, freight forwarding services based on just-in-time and secure delivery, security services, tracking and control of goods during the transportation by road, comprehensive customs clearance “on a turn-key basis” with obtaining all permits, as well as integrated solutions in the field of information and logistics. We are focused on common goals and provide partner companies with competitive advantages, offering proven, reliable and secure solutions based on the latest achievements and technologies.

Our goals

Group of Companies “KM” is focused on common goals with our partners and offers our customers only beneficial cooperation, providing proven, reliable and efficient solutions based on modern logistics processes. Principles of our business:

  • Professional and beneficial collaboration with clients;
  • Clear business decisions and honest business activity;
  • Open, reliable and long-term relationships with suppliers and consumers;
  • Respect for confidentiality;
  • Information Security;
  • Attentive attitude to documentation;
  • Accurate and reliable reporting of the company;
  • Effective usage of the company’s assets and resources;
  • Minimization of external negative impacts on the company’s activity.