The KM group of companies professionally organizes customs control and cargo clearance. Clients are guaranteed efficiency, compliance with current legislation, the safety of various types of cargo. Own customs warehouse in Poltava is protected, equipped in accordance with advanced technical, technological standards.

Rational solutions to the tasks

The customs control zone in Poltava allows you to store goods in cars, to begin unloading after the paperwork. Specialists of the KM group of companies quickly accomplish this task, which reduces client expenses, saves time.

A compact, functional infrastructure, combined with the coordinated actions of experienced workers, ensures a high speed of customs clearance of goods. This is facilitated by the location near the warehouse complex of representatives:

  • veterinary control;
  • environmental inspection;
  • Sanitary service.

Specialists of the KM group of companies take care of obtaining permits from specialized control bodies. Documents are prepared quickly in accordance with the requirements of the legislation.

The possibility of shipment of goods in parts

Partial customs clearance or consignment reduces commercial, reputational risks. This is the organization of the sale (import, export) of goods in lots. Companies, individual entrepreneurs have the opportunity to deliver large quantities of materials, equipment, products without the impressive costs of customs clearance.

Professional storage of goods

Customers can place materials at a customs or temporary storage warehouse in Poltava. This is a functional complex of 30,000 m2. At the time of paperwork, the goods are in a temporary storage warehouse, which occupies 700 m2. Goods are stored on pallets, are guarded round the clock. Customs warehouse – a rational solution for companies specializing in the export or import of goods, equipment.

At the warehouse complex, functional electrical equipment works, experienced workers. This is a guarantee of storage organization in accordance with the type of goods, delicate unloading, loading materials. The ability to handle a wide range of goods provides accounting system WMS.

The group of companies “KM” takes care of the organizational, technical issues associated with the design, storage and shipment, shipment of equipment, building materials, cars, plants and other goods. The owner only sets tasks that are quickly solved. The range of services also includes:

  • organization of cargo transportation;
  • protection of goods on the road;
  • problem solving when crossing border materials.

To simplify the scheme of cooperation, accelerate the interaction of customers provides office rental services. They are located in the administrative complex, which is included in the infrastructure of the KM group of companies. The cost of premises is an affordable level. At the same time, the client, his representatives get the opportunity to quickly respond to changes in the market situation, extracting the maximum benefit for the business.

The advantages of storing materials in the warehouse complex

We will organize expeditious transportation, storage, the account, shipment of goods. We work to reduce customer costs, ensure the safety of cargo. We provide effective feedback to quickly resolve current issues. Flexible pricing allows you to offer the most profitable cooperation schemes. To discuss the conditions of the contract, you must contact our representatives.