Customs Warehouse

The customs warehouse is a unique opportunity to improve business, because it is the use of the vehicle that allows companies to make purchases of lots of goods at the very time when it will be most profitable, and sell – when market demand is as favorable as possible.

Customs warehouse for import and export

The warehouse for cargo storage at the Customs Control Zone will become indispensable for both exporters and importers. Initially the first ones will be able to go through the customs clearance procedure and after that take out the goods from the country. Importers will be able to avoid the need to pay all customs payments for the cargo at once, because the consignment service from KM Group of Companies allows you to clear the goods in parts, paying only for the volume that already has the buyer, and the rest of the goods will be stored further in the Customs warehouse under supervision of our specialists.

Range of services from KM Group of Companies

We are ready to provide all turnkey services for the client. The list includes:

  1. Acceptance of cargo and its registration;
  2. Loading and unloading operations;
  3. Registration of all necessary documentation;
  4. Placement and storage of goods in the Customs Warehouse;
  5. Warehouse processing.

What does a Customs Warehouse look like?

The territory contains:

  • Warehouse space of more than 3,000 m²;
  • Special warehouse equipment (WMS management system) to handle the most extensive product range.

Another advantage of Customs warehouse is the ability to store cargo in the Customs Control Zone directly in the vehicle, without resorting to loading and unloading operations. Sometimes it is much more profitable than unloading the vehicle first, and then loading it all back. Contacting the KM Group of Companies, you will forget about the headache related to the entire procedure of customs clearance and cargo placement. Our experts will take on all the responsibilities and do their job well.