Renting Premises

The KM Group of Companies provides for rent modern class A and B warehouse premises, as well as office premises…

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Customs Control Zone and Customs Warehouse

On the territory of the Group of Companies “KM” there are two customs posts…

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Warehouse Services

Modern equipment and loading and unloading equipment allow us to provide customers with storage services…

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Forwarding Services

KM Group of Companies provides services for the development of optimal logistics solutions…

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Cargo Security and Escort

We guarantee the safety and quick delivery of customers’ goods in complete safety…

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Customs Brokerage Services

Services for customs clearance of goods allow you to quickly solve all the problems…

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The KM group of companies professionally organizes the transportation of goods. These are carriage, escort, security, warehousing, customs clearance of goods. The experience gained since 1994, the presence of a compact, well-developed infrastructure is a guarantee of prompt execution of operations, cargo safety, reduction of the client’s transportation costs. Inexpensive processing, customs clearance without delay, arrange for its further shipment.

Well-developed logistics

The company’s staff is staffed by experienced professionals (250 employees) who work for the client. This is an operational information processing, the choice of the appropriate mode of transport, a thorough study of the route. This approach ensures:

  • minimizing the risk of damage to the goods;
  • maximum reduction in the possibility of emergency situations: accidents, transport
  • shorter delivery times;
  • decrease in costs of transportation of freights.

The logistics company in Poltava is working every detail so that the client’s goods arrive at the destination on time, in complete safety.

Expeditious customs clearance

The KM Group of Companies has its own infrastructure, which includes a warehouse and customs complex (2 customs posts). At the place of arrival of goods also work:

  • environmental inspection;
  • veterinary control;
  • sanitary and epidemiological service.

Thanks to the creation of a compact, efficient system, customs clearance in Poltava is made within 1–2 days. To do this, the company’s specialists will quickly determine the type of cargo, make up its description, establish the invoice code, collect the conclusions of specialized services and inspections. Customs broker “KM” guarantees fast customs clearance of various types of goods, in accordance with applicable law.

Cargo storage

The KM group of companies has its own warehouse complex with an area of ​​30,000 m2. The premises comply with international industry standards, thereby ensuring the correct conditions for the storage of goods. Works performs modern appliances, equipped with electric drives. This is a guarantee of accurate unloading / loading without sacrificing speed.

Warehouses in Poltava are under reliable protection. The penetration of unauthorized persons, damage, theft of goods excluded. We also produce sticky marks, we guarantee the shipment of goods in accordance with the requirements of the client, we will organize the export of products.

Cargo escort

Group of companies “KM” provides security services. For this purpose experienced specialists who have undergone special training are involved. We ensure the safety of goods during transportation and during storage at the warehouse.

The security company in Poltava, which cooperates with KM, is a proven partner who has a modern material and technical base. This is a responsibility confirmed in practice. We also organize the protection of objects in Poltava with a guarantee of reliability at affordable prices.

Profitable, comfortable cooperation

For customers, a convenient, flexible cooperation scheme has been created. Qualified information support is provided, for convenience we offer to rent an office in the administrative building. Also, customers receive the following functional advantages:

  • efficiency of the organization of transportation, documentation, warehousing;
  • work on process optimization – reducing costs and time for their implementation;
  • flexible pricing policy;

Inexpensively we will clear cars, plants, products, other types of goods, freights, we will save resources, we will ensure safety.