Responsible Storage of Your Goods in Modern Warehouse

Responsible storage of cargo is the transfer of the client’s goods to the warehouse of KM Group of Companies, after which we become fully responsible for its safety and integrity. Thus, our client will be able to reduce the cost of renting warehouse or organizing their own facilities. Now this is a particularly relevant service that you need to use, and here’s why.

Advantages of responsible storage of goods

Consider the list of undisputed advantages of responsible storage services:

  1. We are 100% responsible for the safety of the cargo transferred to us;
  2. Perform loading and unloading operations;
  3. Sirius 33 protects the client’s cargo 24/7;
  4. It is better for business than to maintain its warehouse or simply to rent the area from a logistic operator;
  5. The ability to reduce costs several times and save the company’s budget;
  6. Responsible storage answer will suit absolutely any enterprise.

Overview of warehouse functionality for responsible storage of goods

The modern warehouse complex of KM Group of Companies fully corresponds to two categories: Class A and B. It is more than 30.000 m2 of area with anti-dust flooring, ventilation and air conditioning system, video surveillance system, fire alarm and fire protection system. Warehouse of responsible storage is equipped with a WMS management system, which makes it possible to quickly calculate the volume and quantity of customer’s goods. You can follow the process of warehousing cargo online from anywhere in the world. Learn more about responsible storage service. Contact us right now and our manager will answer all your questions and quickly calculate the cost.