International Road Freight from KM Group of Companies

For quick delivery of goods or other cargo to any country, KM Group of Companies primarily uses motor transport. Every day, our vehicles deliver hundreds of tons of cargo to customers. Road freight consists of a range of services – it is loading and unloading operations, forwarding, as well as shipment tracking 24/7.

Why is road freight considered to be one of the most profitable delivery type?

  • Road freight is fast;
  • There are no huge delays during road transportation;
  • Risk of additional costs is low;
  • International road freight makes it possible to pass customs control quickly that saves not only time but also the budget.

KM Group of Companies uses only modern vehicles that comply with all the norms of European environmental standards. At the same time, during loading and unloading operations in our warehouse complexes, we also use “Eco-friendly” equipment with electric drive.