Warehousing Logistics

Warehousing logistics of KM Group of Companies allows each client to place their goods in our modern warehouses and consign carrying out of accounting, formation and processing of goods to our specialists, as well as its palletizing, promotion packaging and many other. This is a great solution for a commodity business whose owners will no longer need to think about searching of new warehouses and companies providing them with complex services of warehousing logistics.

What is warehousing logistics?

This is a complex of services aimed at client’s business development assistance and taking on the responsibilities of warehousing, accounting and processing of the customer’s goods. This complex of services includes the following sections: Это комплекс услуг, направленный на помощь в развитии бизнеса клиента и взятия на себя обязанностей складирования, учета и оформления товаров заказчика. В этот комплекс услуг входят следующие разделы:

  • Loading and unloading operations;
  • Cargo sorting and formation;
  • Cargo palletizing;
  • Packaging in shrink film;
  • Goods labelling;
  • Formation of promotional packaging (attachment of leaflets, coupons, gift sets and souvenirs).

A modern warehouse and a team of professionals of KM Group of Companies who will quickly and efficiently perform the assigned tasks will be provided for the client.

Advantages of warehousing logistics service

The positive aspects of warehousing logistics and storage include:

  1. You no longer need to look for a facility to store your goods and spend most of the company’s capital on the purchase of it; you can rent space from us for a profitable and affordable price;
  2. Our specialists undertake the entire range of work related to the cargo accounting and formation;
  3. All your goods will be under 24-hour security of the company Sirius 33;
  4. We can also take full financial responsibility for the storage of your goods;
  5. KM Group of Companies offers a flexible system of discounts.

To learn more about warehousing logistics and calculate the cost of the entire range of services, just contact us right now and the manager will provide you more detailed information.