Freight Escort

Freight escort is carried out by the licensed security unit Sirius-33 of KM Group of Companies. We provide a full range of security services for over 23 years. Our staff includes only well-trained experts, and in our work we use only modern security equipment.

How freight escort is executed?

Cargo security and its support is carried out in several stages. The first stage is preparation. A special car equipped with a satellite GPS sensor is loaded with equipment, and the guards are equipped with protective clothing. Then we go to the departure point of the client’s cargo and accompany it the whole distance. In case of unforeseen circumstances, the rapid response team, consisting of several vehicles, will arrive at the site for the shortest period of time.

Escort of road, rail and sea transport

If the client performs multimodal transportation, then he will need support from the security service during road, rail, or sea transportation. After all, a valuable cargo may be under attack at any time. Contacting the KM Group of Companies, you can be confident about the integrity and safety of the cargo during transportation.