Worldwide Sea Freight

KM Group of Companies has been organizing the sea freight for more than 23 years. We fully undertake all tasks related to loading and unloading operations, cargo forwarding and tracking it 24/7. Our company provides sea container shipping in all directions. We easily deliver the customer’s cargo to Europe, America, Asia and all remote continents. Thanks to the cooperation of KM Group of Companies with the leaders of sea lines, our customers can be confident in the safety of their cargo, as well as of the maximum delivery speed and favorable prices. Sea container shipping has many unique advantages, including:

  • Exact dates. All delays or additional costs will be negotiated before entering into a contract. Therefore, we will deliver your cargo on time;
  • Tracking 24/7. Each client has access to his personal account, where at any time he will be able to follow the delivery process and see all data on his containers shipping;
  • Reliability and safety. While providing our clients with a full range of services for the sea delivery of goods, the specialists of KM Group of Companies adhere to all safety standards and perform their work efficiently.

International sea freight is a profitable and safe way of delivering a large batch of goods or transporting other items in containers. Contact the manager of KM Group of Companies and you will receive more details about this service.